Persuasion (Norton Critical Editions)

Persuasion (Norton Critical Editions)

This review is for the Norton Critical Edition of Persuasion, and has two parts: a review of Persuasion itself, and a review of Norton Content. No educated person disputes Austen's contribution to the literary world. While her particular craft may not be palatable to all types (whose is?), I maintain that of all Austen's works, Persuasion is the one to hold the most appeal to those unfamiliar with her literature. It could be a `gateway drug', introducing the reader to Austen, or it could be a delightful `one-book stand'; whichever way works for the reader. Concealed within Regency trappings is a universal story: there is a `mythic' quality to it in the sense that C.S. Lewis defines myth. The story reaches through space and time to grab the heart and attention of the reader, compelling her both on and deeper. When the novel opens, Anne Elliot faces the prospect of meeting once again a man with whom she was compelled to break off an engagement nearly eight years prior. While relatively little outward action takes place, Austen builds tension through Anne's inner conflict. Peripheral issues, such as the nature of the change in social systems in this turbulent time in Britain and the place of women in society, serve as complementary fare that highlights the mounting dilemma that Anne faces. In Austen style, the resolution and denouement are highly satisfying and truly ingenious, and the reader is left with meaty material to savor for days to come. The Norton contribution to Persuasion is indispensable. Though I was previously familiar with Persuasion, a favorite professor of mine introduced me to the commentary and contributions within this edition. The preface lays out a road map of sorts for the rest of the book. Included immediately after the conclusion of the novel is the original ending-something that even the non-lit majors in my class found interesting. A fabulous selection of backgrounds and contexts follows, with items such as Henry Austen's "Biographical Notice of the Author", and a selection from Richard Whateley's "Review of Northanger Abbey and Persuasion", entitled "A New Style of Novel". Additionally, modern critical commentary is included from Austen scholars Marilyn Butler, Ann Astell, Claudia Johnson, and others. Appearing at the end are a helpful chronology and selected bibliography. Patricia Meyer Spacks did a fabulous and much appreciated job in editing and pulling the work together. This edition is highly recommended, both within the classroom, and without. --The Medieval Chick
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